Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#20(more)factsboutme !

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Some of you might know about that nowadays hashtag! #20factsboutme is an instagram challenge that ask us to describe about ourselves in 20 points. I love to join this challenge coz I think this could make the others know me more, and not to be misunderstanding about me. But I think 20 isn't enough, so I make this post. You can ask me directly if there were something you wanna know more :)
  1. My full name is Adek Kharisma Rezal Fajrin, it means I'm the youngest daughter of Mr. Wimbo Karno REStyo Budi and Mrs. ALfiah Udayani, who have charisma *amin* and was born at dawn.
  2. Most of ppl call me Adek, but some of my JHS friends call me Risma and Refa (from REzal FAjrin). Some ppl have special nickname for me, like my sister calls "Kedek", and my cutest niece, Rizqu, calls Aunt Dek.
  3. Sometimes ppl assume that I'm a Balinese. It caused by Adek, which is similar with Balinese name, Kadek. But I'm pure Javanese.
  4. Some ppl thought I'm Arab descent. It might caused by my brown skin, big eyes, thick eyebrow, and my veil. Once again, my parents are Aremania!
  5. My fav part of body is my eyes, coz they're big! I could make the other scared of me by it :p
  6. I have 2 fangs, it made me feel like a dracula.
  7. I'm a bad number above 10 reminder.
  8. Since 1st grade of elementary school, I have a gang consists of me and 4 boys. They're Roziqin, he was lost when we were at 2nd grade; Andik, he passed away at 3rd grade, coz he was unhelped when plunged in a wells; Badar, he went back to his town, Pasuruan; and Dullah, luckily he's still near me!
  9. I use glasses since I was in 5th grade, myopia and astigmatism, and I always hope this could be back to normal. Amin.
  10. I start to wear hijab since I was in Vocational HS. Actually I ever wore it in elementary school, but I removed it when I was in JHS.
  11. I ever been bullied, that's why I don't like bullying. It's terrible!
  12. I'm that kind of girl who will be quite in a new place/condition, but I could be very insane, shamefull, and noisy in my comfort zone. Some ppl say "tak pikir kon manis men pendiem ngunu, tibak eeee ..."
  13. Moody. Anything would be bad if I made it in a bad mood.
  14. I love eat so much! But, extremely easy to feel full. My aunt said that I have a little long intestine.
  15. I hate banana, papaya, bean sprouts, and seaweed. uewwwh~
  16. I'm anti-sweet thing. I mean in foods and beverages. It makes me feel nausea.
  17. I love orange in color! It looks fresh :D
  18. Spicy food and coffee addicted! Even I have gastric infection, I couldn't be separated with both of it!
  19. I'm crazy of cow motif and doll. I have 14 dolls, 3 sandals, pillow and bolster, 2 bed covers, a bag, clock, frame, and curtain. I'm in a cow-blanket-hunting!
  20. I hate being mainstream. Something too mainstream is disgusting I think.
  21. I'm water wise! So that makes me rarely taking a bath. #ups
  22. I like playing basketball and volley, but I never play it anymore.
  23. No days without music! I learn to play piano, guitar, ukulele, drum, and singing by myself, but never increase my ability.
  24. Recently love travelling, specially the natural one, after being introduced by someone #ciee.
  25. I ever lived in Jogjakarta for 3 months for my insternship on 2011.
  26. Poor me, never had a special surprise birthday party. It made me hate my birthday most.
  27. My dream-dating is having a picnic in a green place with beatiful view, and I make some foods for my boyfie husband by myself #uwuwuwu. Or the simple one is stargazing!
  28. Choose to be married than dating. Datingnya abis married aja asik kayaknya. Yang halal kan lebih enak.
  29. Extremely love children, but not a pedophile. Pengennya punya anak ndak usah gede biar imut terus.
  30. Just like boys love to watch at sexy girls, I like to watch a boy with masculine body and hug-able <3
  31. Hate something 'plain'. I mean, I love something colorfull coz it could make my mood turns good. I even can't study if my notes are having a plain paper.
  32. It is easy for me to sleep when someone stroking my hair. Am I a cat? :3
  33. I like listening to any genre of music. But I love Simple Plan the most.
  34. My productive time is over the midnight.
  35. I always try to make a good relation with all my exs, coz they're a part of my life story. Without them, I could learn what is pain and feeling hollow.
I'm not sure it will be enough for me. I will add some if I found someday. Or will you give me your opinion bout me? I'll admit it, good or bad :)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dia Orang Pertama

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Banyak sekali hal yang ingin kutuliskan tentangnya. Ya. Semuanya hanya berputar-putar di otak, terlalu banyak, rumit, dan sulit dikonversikan ke dalam kata-kata. Pada akhirnya aku mengalah untuk tetap menyimpannya, memvisualisasikan dengan imajinasiku sendiri, dan merasakan perihnya dalam ruang hati yang sempit ini.
Dia. Orang pertama yang membuatku berani keluar dari zona nyamanku, rumah. Orang pertama yang berhasil membuatku bertekad mengalahkan pikiran negatif tentang penyakit yang kuderita, asma. Orang (lain) pertama yang bisa memberikan kenyamanan saat sakit itu kambuh, setelah ibuku. Orang pertama yang sabar untuk menjelaskan dalam kalimat berulang-ulang saat otakku mulai bekerja dengan lamban. Orang pertama yang mendukung apapun yang aku lakukan. Orang pertama yang mau mendengar alasanku berbuat sesuatu yang kadang orang lain tak akan mengerti dan menganggapku aneh. Orang pertama yang memberiku apresiasi luar biasa tentang apapun yang aku ciptakan. Dia. Membuatku berhenti untuk mencari yang lain. Dia -yang entah serius atau tidak- menginginkan aku menjadi bagian masa depannya. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pantai Padang-Padang

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Puas bermain di Pantai Pandawa, kami berpindah ke pantai selanjutnya, Pantai Padang-Padang. Berbeda dengan Pantai Pandawa, di sini kita hanya membayar tarif parkir saja. Begitu masuk gapura, kita harus melewati beberapa anak tangga untuk sampai ke pantai. Selain itu, ada jalan yang sangat sempit karena dihimpit oleh batu karang yang besar. Sampai-sampai kita harus berjalan bergantian untuk melewatinya. Memasuki area pantai, kita malah merasa asing di sini, karena di pantai dipenuhi oleh turis-turis asing yang sedang berjemur. Maklum, waktu itu pukul 2 siang, matahari lagi panas-panasnya. Keunggulan pantai ini ialah banyaknya karang besar yang sangat keren untuk diabadikan. Ombaknya juga cukup besar. Beberapa wisatawan memanfaatkannya untuk surfing.

Gapura masuk
Akses menuju pantai yang sempit
Suasana pantai